Cordless Led Mining Lamp Rechargeable Miner Headlight with 8000 Lux

Cordless Led Mining Lamp Rechargeable Miner Headlight with 8000 Lux

Model No.︰GL4.5-B

Brand Name︰Green Lighting

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Cordless Led Mining Lamp Rechargeable Miner Headlight with 8000 Lux 


Specification of GL4.5-B Cordless Mining Cap lamp:

1. GL4.5-B led cordless cap lamp, all in one structure
2. 4000lux mining safety cap lamp
3. New design that suit for your market is available.




1. Digital display: The GL4.5-B miner lamp headlamp has digital service which will show product number, time, and battery balance and it will remind the user to recharge it when not enough power.

2. Cheap cordless cap lamp

3. Short delivery time.

4. Safety rope to avoid falling down.

5. High-beam-low Beam


Product Details:


Efficiency : GL4.5-B digital cordless miner cap lamp uses 1W high power white led as main light,

6pcs SMD leds as the backup light,and designed with high property 4.5Ah rechargeable Li-ion battery.

It has digital device to show time, battery balance and production date, when the lamp is charging,

it shows charging status, and can remind the user to recharge it when the power is not enough for one hour lighting. 

Reliability and Safety : This cap lamp has advanced digital device which can display the time

and battery capacity, long lighting time,long life time,high intensity,light weight,low usage cost,and high safety.


Technical Specification of GL4.5 cordless mining light:


Model GL4.5-A GL4.5-B
Light source one main light and six auxiliary lights one main light and six auxiliary lights
Rated voltage 3.7V 3.7V
Main light current 350mA 350mA
Battery capacity 4.5Ah 4.8Ah
Power of main light 1.3W 1.3W
Luminous 169lum 169lum
Brightness 4000lux 8000lux
Life span 100000hours 100000hours
Battery cycles 1000cyles 1000cyles
Working time 16-18hours 13-15hours
Weight 210g 220g
Watar-proof grade IP68 IP68


Cordless Benefits

How SAFETY is improved

  • No electric cord can be bumped or tangled;
  • Significantly reduces miner’s burden;
  • No back pain and injury any more;
  • No acid or toxin to spill;
  • No heat on lens surface; No burnable parts to cause fire;
  • IP67 case for the harshest mining environment;
  • As a warning lamp to wear on your back or attach to an object.


How WORK EFFICIENCY is improved

  • No cord and heavy battery that hinders work performance;
  • Minimized size and weight reduces burden on miners;
  • Adjustable angle and portability for extraordinary flexibility;
  • Time saved in issuing light to miners, attaching light and moving to workplace;
  • Less staff required in Lamp Room;
  • Various applications for one lamp to meet different illumination requirements.


Use scope

  • Coal mining, marine using, exploration working, underground tunnels
  • Emergency rescue: firefighting, flood prevention, tapping rubber,
  • Outdoor advanture: fishing, hunting, camping, auto repair and other related industries.
  • It is also suitable for industrial and agricultural production and outdoor mobile lighting.


About us Green Lighting Electronics


We are dedicated to led underground mine lights since 2006.

We have engineer of appearance, function, new design,drawing.

Strict Controlled quality from raw material to finished products.

OEM/ODM Service.

Trial Order available.

Customization service according to customers' feedback and requirement.

Customized package box, customized lamp, laser/sticker your logo for free.

We have long term cooperations with South africa and Canada customers (who can planted tracking system to cap lamp).

High safety cap lamp is a trend.

We are researching and developing RFID/NFC to plant into cap lamp to real time tracking.

Welcome to our factory to visit at your free time.

We are waiting for your join in your market and bring safety for underground miners.

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