Brightest 50000 Lux Underground Mining Cap Lamps for Hunting

Brightest 50000 Lux Underground Mining Cap Lamps for Hunting

Model No.︰GL6-B

Brand Name︰Green Lighting

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Brightest 50000 Lux Underground Mining Cap Lamps for Hunting Pitting 

Main Features for Model GL6-B hunting lights:

1) anti-impact engineered polymer resin(ABS)
2) Silicone button and Soft touch
3) Defence grade: IP68

2.Humanization design:
1)Invagination design of charging contact hole is sturdy and durable
2)Stainless steel cap hook clamp design
3)Durable in use

3.Circuit design:
1) Constant current circuit, constant luminance
2) Set up charge manager inside
3) Protection function of overcharge, over-discharge and short circuit

4.Lamp holder design

Fixed anti-dismantling screws can prevent accidental opening under the mine

5.Light source and light cup design

1)Imported LED light source
2) Spinning aluminium alloy light cup
3) Good gathering effect High luminance, Good heat dissipation

6.Power supply

1) Adopt the self-developed lithium battery 18650
2) Safety signs licence
3) Explosion -proof inspection certificate

7. Bezel Color:

Green/yellow/white bezel up to your options

Main parameter of rechargeable headlamp: 

Model GL6-B
Light Source 1ML and 4AL
Rated voltage 3.7V
Main Light current 1000mA
Power of main light 3.7W
Illuminous 650lum
Brightness 50000lux
Life span of main light 100000hours
Lighting working time 13hours
Battery cycles 1000cycles
Color yellow and black(can be customized)
Waterproof grade IP67
Certificate CE, ATEX,ROHS



  • camping, travelling, cycling
  • underground mines
  • tool, maintenance lighting
  • fishery, diving, fire-fighting
  • military, architecture, living
  • furniture, farm lighting
  • night fishing, car-carrying, road and railway lighting, forest farm


LED Cap Lamp Trouble Shooting:

1. If abnormal phenomena happen but the lamp is in the normal using status,must be
careful to check the reason firstly.Then deal with the problem.


2. The lighting time is not enough


No Reason Treatment
a No enough charging First,should check if the connection between the
charger’s output plug and lamp’s charging socket
is good
b Using too long to achieve life Replace the lamp
c Charger does not work Check if the indicator of charger is good and also
check if the connection of charger’s AC power
endpoint is good

3, The lamp is off suddenly when it works

Reason:short circuit or battery power runs out

Treatment:turn off the main light source,restart,then the lamp should be on (remark:
the lamp has a circuit breaker);It is is still off after restarting,please charge the battery.
If it still doesn’t work after charging,it means the lamp has some problems,delivery the
lamp to factory for repair.


About us Green Lighting Electronics 

We are dedicated to led underground mine lights since 2006.

We have engineer of appearance, function, new design,drawing.

Strict Controlled quality from raw material to finished products.

OEM/ODM Fatory with controlled good quality and competitive price.

We have cooperated with South africa and Canada customers (who can planted tracking system to cap lamp).

High safety cap lamp is a trend.

We are researching and developing RFID/NFC to plant into cap lamp to real time tracking.

Welcome to our factory to visit.

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