10000 Lux Underground Coal Mining Lights with Cable USB Charging SOS

10000 Lux Underground Coal Mining Lights with Cable USB Charging SOS

Model No.︰GL5-D

Brand Name︰Green Lighting

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

10000 Lux Underground Coal Mining Lights with Cable USB Charging SOS


Main features of GL5-D corded miner headlight:

1. Support USB charging on the battery case

2. LED charging indication(red with on charging-green with full charging)

3. high-low beam -SOS (ask for help)

4. Low power warning function (reminder you to charge)

5. green/yellow bezel color up to your options

6. Li-Ion battery: over discharge and over discharging protection and electrical short circuit protection

7. Explosion proof, waterproof IP68, flame redardant, impact resistant

8. 16 hours lighting work time (safety for mine shift)

9. Silicon button cap with good touch.


Main parameter of two series of rechargeable headlamp: 

Items Value Value
Model GL8-D GL5-D
Light Source 1 main light and 2 auxiliary lights 1 main light and 2 auxiliary lights
Battery Capacity 7.8Ah Li-ion battery pack 6.6Ah Li-ion battery pack
Rated Voltage 3.7V 3.7V
Main light current 450mA 450mA
Power of main light 1.67W 1.67W
Illuminous 216lum 216lum
Brightness 10000lux 10000lux
Life span of main light 100000hours 100000lux
Battery cycles 1000cycles 1000cycles
Working time 18hours 16hours
Weight 420g 420g
Waterproof grade IP68 IP68


Troubles and troubleshootings

Description Analysis Troubleshooting
Light is not bright

Switch contact is bad /

Led source is broken

Inspect switch, measure the circuit, If the switch contact

is good, then check the voltage of LED and the circuit

or contact with the manufacturer.

Not Light enough time Undercharge

First check the contact points, and then charge

according to the regulation .

New lamp use without cycle charge


Precycling charge according to the regulations.
The Lifespan of battery is over Replace the new lamp
Illumination is not enough Low battery voltage

Measure the battery voltage, ensure charging time up

to 7hours.

The glass is serious pollution Can wash the lens suface of lamp by water .

The lamp can't charge

or long charging time

Charger (rack) breakdown or battery

damages, charge manager fault

Check the charger 's output voltage and current ,

if all normal, check the battery ,

measure its internal resistance and capacity.

If not up to technical requirements, replace

charger or contact with the manufacturer.

Can't rotate on fixed point The screws of clip is started Fasten the screw appropriately


Safety and happy usage with mining headlamp

  • Coal mining, marine using, exploration working,
  • Emergency rescue: firefighting, flood prevention, tapping rubber,
  • Outdoor advanture: fishing, hunting, camping, auto repair and other related industries.
  • It is also suitable for industrial and agricultural production and outdoor mobile lighting.

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