Silicone IP68 12W/M RGB SMD5050 Flexible Led Mining Lights

Silicone IP68 12W/M RGB SMD5050 Flexible Led Mining Lights

Model No.︰GL-XLM-GH01-RGB


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Product Description

Silicone Heavy Duty Strip Lighting RGB 5050 Mining Flexible Led Strip Lights 

Flexible Led Light Strips Features

Imported chip

Stability is strong, super bright, wide light Angle

Parallel to the lateral resistance
Lamp with arbitrary bending don't damage the circuit board
Conductive performance is good, safe heat resistant,long service life
Import silicon environmental protection colloid
High light transmittance and strong toughness

Waterproof, environmental protection,heat flame retardant.


  • For using In mines, hazardous by gas (methane) or coal dust
    - Temperature for storage and transportation: ± 40 ° C
    - Operating Temperature: - 10 / +20 ° C
    - Relative humidity,%, at a temperature of + 40 ° C: - till 100%
    - Dustiness of ambient air, mg / m3, no more: 1000 mg/m3
    - Rated supply voltage: 12V/36V/110-130V AC /220-240VAC (preferably switchable)
    - Luminous flux, Lm / m: 2000
    - Color temperature, K: 3000K/4000K/5000K/6000K/7000K/10000K
    - Lighting angle, degrees: 180
    - Number of LEDs, pcs / m: 60-80 LEDs/m
    - MTBF: 45000 H
    - Degradation of luminous flux,% / year: 5-7%
    - protection against dust and moisture: IP68
    - LED Strip Housing Material: Silicon, flame retardant.
    - Surge and surge protection


Main Parameter of Flexible Led Light Strips  :

Item Value
Light source SMD5050 SMD5050 SMD2835
Color RGB / red / green /white  red / green /white red / green /white
Color Temperature 6000k-6500k 4000k-6500k 6000k-6500k
CRI 75 75 75
Rated Voltage DC24V/DC36V 110V -130V / 210V- 240V 110V -130V / 210V – 240V
Power/M 16W 16W 20W
LEDs/M 72 pcs leds per meter 72 pcs leds per meter 140 pcs leds per meter
Size 10mm*20mm*10m 10mm*20mm*10m 14mm*4.5mm*10m
Dimension 5m/roll & 10m/roll for options 5m/roll & 10m/roll for options 5m/roll & 10m/roll for options
Waterproof grade IP68 IP68 IP68
Protection anti-explosive, water-proof, over-current protection, voltage regulation protection anti-explosive, water-proof, over-current protection, voltage regulation protection anti-explosive, water-proof, over-current protection, voltage regulation protection

The low voltage led strip lights Save big on energy costs.
It's well-known that LED lighting uses a fraction of the energy compared to conventional lighting sources such as metal halide or sodium lamps. With a typical power rating of 400W, lighting a 100 meter distance with lamps consumes 4000W continuously. Compare this to our LED strip lighting which consumes only 16W per meter for a total only 1600W over that same 100 meter distance! With thousands of meters of lighting requirements underground, it becomes clear how LED will save your mine money.

Better lighting is safer.
One of the pitfalls with conventional lighting is uneven light, referred to as "high and low spots" of luminescence that causes glare and confusion. This condition increases the risk of a hazardous work environment – especially when lighting failure occurs, leaving even darker areas with no lighting at all. LED strip lighting solves this by providing full lighting coverage, end to end, with no high or low spots, ensuring a constant and stable lighting solution.

Set it and forget it.

Conventional lighting such as metal halide or sodium lamps are prone to premature failure due to the harsh environmental conditions in underground mines. As a result, these lighting systems are known to lose up to 50% of luminescence within the first 4 to 6 months, and rarely last beyond 12 months. Continually replacing lamps throughout the mine is costly and adds to your annual lighting energy costs in a big way. LED strip lighting is not affected by the mine environment and loses +-1 to 2% per annum with a lifespan of 5 years. And best of all, damaged strips can be repaired in 8" sections – saving time and money.

Rgb Led Strip Lights Lifespan

ENERGY EFFICIENCY / LIFE Lifespan Loss in Brightness
Compact Fluorescent Lamp 10-12 mths 50% (6-8 mths)
Fluorescent Lamp 12-18 mths 50% (10-12 mths)
High Pressure Sodium Lamp 18-24 mths 50% (12-18 mths)
Metal Halide Lamp 10-12 mths 50% (6-8 mths)
General LEDs 12-24 mths 50% (12-18 mths)
LED Lighting Strip
5+ yrs 30-50% (5+ yrs)


Rgb Led Strip Lights Reduced maintenance requirements

By comparison, the working life of a fluorescent light is significantly shorter than five years and therefore requires more frequent changing out of the light source, more maintenance activity and potential operation impact.

LED Strip Lighting does not typically fail catastrophically, as is usually the case with fluorescent lighting, but rather the light output generally decreases over time. This allows for a regular maintenance schedule and replacement prior to failure, maintaining consistency of lighting and improving safety underground.

The optimum solution for mining illumination, Green Lighting LED Strip Lighting is made of a high grade, fire retardant soft Silica Gel and is IP68 rated, making it compact and robust.



 Led Strip Lights Usage Scale

Use for underground mines, tunnel, bridge, industrial lighting, home decoration

Rgb Led Strip Lights  FAQ:

Q: Could I put my own logo on the products?

A: Sure, your logo can be put on every strip light, either by laser, or by moulds.

Q: Could I put my own designs on the products?
A: Of course, you can send us your design, we'll follow your design.
Q: Can I have some samples before formal order?
A: Yes, we can send you some free samples for your test before your order.
Q: How long is the lead time?
A: Normally we keep stock for most products, the lead time is 1-5 days as soon as the payment is released. For customized products, it takes longer.
Q: How about the after-sale service? What's the Warranty terms?
A: We offer 12 months for every products we sold. If you meet any problems after sales, pls contact us freely, we'll help solving the problems within 24 hours.
Q: Are you manufacturer or just dealer?
A: We're manufaturer, we do produce all products by ourself. Welcome to visit our plant at any time.
Q: What's the payment terms? Can I pay after you got the products?
A: Normally we accept TT and western union. L/C, Paypal is also accepted if the order quantity is large. For old customers, we'll guanartee monthly payment after good cooperationship.
Q: I couldn't find the products I want in your catalogue, can you develop it for me?
A: Yes, we have a research & development dept., we're willing to develop everything that you demand in safety lockout industries.
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A: Currently we don't have, but we're discussing with some good customers. If you're willing to be our agent in any countries, pls contact us freely.
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A: yes, you can by air, express, sea up to options.

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