Top-quality material

1) CREE led: advanced Cree led

2) Germany Bayer PC material makes the lamps durable, feels good

3) Panasonic or ATL battery: imported from Japan, it is applied in Apple notebook


Advanced equipment

1) SMT: Surface Mounted Technology, Wave Soldering.

2) Smart Oscilloscopes: imported from USA, USD50,000, it is usually used in Academy.

3) Battery Cycle Tester: 10 times of cycle test for 80 hours.

4) CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and Injection machine: imported from Taiwan.


Warranty and after-sales service

1) Warranty: 1 year, for a defective one, we will replace a totally new cap lamp during warranty time.

2) After-sales service: will deal with your complaint at the first time, give you a solution within 5 working days.

3) Free samples: free samples will be provided when our new models come out.

4) Market support: we can support you to do advertisements in a local magazines and provide samples with a big discount for the exhibition.