Appearance Design


 Strong ID Team, According to client's market positioning, use condition to design product shape, pattern and colour. 


 Electronic Circuit Design

10 Software and Hardware Engineers, PCB's Design and Layout. LED Driver, Charging circuit, Battery Protection Circuit and so on.

Structural Design






 Professional MD Team, provide IP68 Waterproof, ATEX explosion-proof,Dust-proof Products, 10 years work experience in underground field. Very familiar with miner's lamp industry products. 






 Function Design


In addition to the basic function(Illuminance, Working Time, Life Span) of lamps, Green Lighting can according to client's requirements and use condition to design some additional function, Such as coal mine personnel position system, wireless charging, USB charger, SOS, OLED Screen to display company information and miner's serial number.

Optical Design


 According to LED Luminous Flux, Light cup curve and current to design the Light Beam



Brand Design


 1, BRAND ORIENTATION, according to clients requirements for market research, analyze, diagnose and provide a tailor-made solutions


2, BRAND INTEGRATION, follow brand orientation to naming the brand, designing LOGO with Product Identity and Corporate Identity


3, BRAND PROMOTION, Green Lighting also can assist clients to promote brand, such as publicity and advertising. To achieve a successful brand for clients.